What Is A Mortgage Investment Corporation?

A mortgage investment corporation takes property as security in order to lend money while charging an interest rate.

Understanding How Mortgage Investment Corporations Work For And Benefit You A Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) is a company that specializes in mortgage lending in Canada. These companies take property as security to lend money and charge an interest rate. They allow shareholders to take part in a non-taxed flow investment which comes from the redistribution […]

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Spending to Save

A mortgage investment corporation in Canada gives would-be investors a great opportunity for returns, but they have to do some planning first.

Is Canada Ideal for Real Estate Investment? If you’re looking to invest, real estate investment is a safe route to go. Unlike other investments where you seem to hand over cash and then anxiously wait for a return, real estate allows you to be more hands-on and informed about where your money is going. You can […]

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Understanding RRSP Eligible Investments

RRSP eligible investments are a great way to save for retirement, but registered and non-registered RRSPs have different benefits depending on where you put your money.

4 Key Differences Between Registered And Non-Registered RRSPs As much as you might want to, you can’t simply put all your investments into an RRSP. That’s because they allow taxes to be both deferred and sheltered, which the government isn’t too fond of. And because not all investments are RRSP eligible investments, some financial planners may […]

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Invest In A Growing Real Estate Market

Real estate investing in Canada that focuses on retirement communities offers a safe and profitable investment.

The Benefits Of Growing Demand For Retirement Real Estate Investing in Canada The demand for retirement real estate is on the rise as the baby boomer generation enters retirement, and as a result, retirement real estate investing in Canada is keeping pace. Retirement home and community development is a growth industry in Canada, and will […]

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